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Review: Tesco Meat free Bacon-style rashers

Item: Bacon-style rashers
Purchased at: Tesco
Brand: Own brand, Meat free line
Availability: I'd expect throughout Scotland though perhaps not always in smaller stores
Suitable for vegans?: no, as contains egg

Description: 'Delicious streaky bacon style [sic] rashers made from soya and wheat proteins'

Comments: They can be cooked either under the grill or by shallow frying. I put them under the grill at first, but after I'd scrambled a couple of eggs I found that they weren't cooking quickly (supposed to be 2-3 minutes - though I hadn't pre-heated the grill) so I put the others in the frying pan and those really took off. They also got a lot crispier than the grilled ones did.

The cover photo of the rashers all curled up implies that they get as crispy as real bacon, which they just don't. I wouldn't go so far as to say they taste like cardboard, but they veer in that general direction. I enjoyed them as part of a fry-up breakfast but if given a choice I wouldn't choose these over veggie sausages.

I might buy them again but they are not going to be a regular food item.

Comparison to meat:

I figure that the real comparison to meat should be done by those who know meat, so:
Reaction of meat-eating boyfriend: took one bite, spit it out
Reaction of cat: sniffed once, refused to acknowledge it as a food item

[I realize that 'can it be mistaken for meat?' is not required, but I thought it would be interesting to include on the grounds that a non-meat item enjoyed by carnivores may make it onto the menus of mixed households; also, this product is deliberately playing up its status as a meat substitute]



July 2009

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